VALVE CORE WRENCH [Valve Stem Tool ]


If there ever was an underrated tool that you probably don’t have in your bike tool kit, it has to be the Valve Core Wrench. Designed to remove or install Presta Valve and Schrader Valve cores, this tiny tool can truly make the process of installing or refilling flat-prevention liquids and gels quick and painless. The versatility of the valve stem tool supports both valve types found on mountain bikes, road bike, commuting and electric bikes – never be stranded on your commute thanks to the Valve Core Wrench. Available separate, or found in our Team Edition and Ride Prep Tool Kits.


Precision, portability, innovation, and durability are words most often associated with Feedback Sports tools and the Valve Core Wrench is right at home in our tool collection.

The value of a Presta Valve and Schrader Vavle core removal tool is too often overlooked. Need to overhaul your suspension fork? Want to add flat tire sealant to your daily commuting or electric bike? Prevent flat tires on your tubeless mountain bike tires? The Valve Core Wrench is the gateway to all this service, making a great addition to any bike tool kit. The durability, high-end finish and ergonomic handle makes it the obvious choice of tool aficionados around the world.

This valve stem tool manages the valve on any bike, showing just how much we pay attention to the needs of the beginner bike mechanic and professional tech. With a hardened CRV tool steel core and overmolded ergonomic grip, this valve core remover is a must-have for any cyclist wanting to do a bit of home bike maintenance

• Fits Presta Valve and Schrader Valve bike tubes

• File tread grip creates a comfortable and ergonomic grip

• CrV tool steel metal core makes this a one-time purchase

• Aides in the overhaul of suspension forks and rear suspension shocks

• Found in our Ride Prep and Team Edition Tool Kits

• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Design Benefit to Rider and Mechanics
Function Presta Valve and Schrader Valve compatible
Form Hardened CrV tool steel core maintains precision tip
Ergonomics Overmolded ergonomic file tread grip promotes excellent control
Durability CrV tool steel and durable nylon built to last a lifetime


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 2 in


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