SPOKE WRENCH [4:1 Wheel Tool ] Part #17140


The perfect ride-saver that’s so compact you’ll forget you’re carrying…until you need it. This CNC machined, 4-in-1 spoke wrench and valve extender tool can restore a wheel knocked out of true, and change a valve extender during a flat repair. And while you hopefully never need to use it, the Spoke Wrench is one of those tools you ‘ll be glad you had if the situation arises. Available separate, or find it in our Team Edition and Ride Prepv Tool Kits.


Precision, portability, innovation, and durability are words most often associated with Feedback Sports products, and our 4-in1 Spoke Wrench + Valve Extender Tool fits right in.

Some tools demand a spot in your ride pack or seat bag because they can truly save a ride. Our Spoke Wrench + Valve Extender 4-in-1 tool is one of those tools that takes up so little space you’ll never know it’s there until you need to straighten a wheel or change the valve extender on your presta valve. With an impressive CrV hardened steel body, this tool is truly a one-time purchase.

Never be stranded on the road or trail – with this tool you can fix a bent wheel or make that aero road wheel flat tire fix quick and easy. The Spoke Tool + Valve Extender Tool can truly save the day

• 4-in-1: 3 spoke nipple tools and 1 valve extender tool

• 3.23mm (0.127”) slot fits many DT Swiss, Marwi, Edco and Wheelsmith square nipples

• 3.3mm (0.130”) slot fits 15G square nipples

• 3.45mm (0.136”) slot fits 14G square nipples

• Fits the standard for valve extenders on long-valve presta inner tubes and tubeless presta valve wheels

• Hardened CrV tool steel maintains precision edges for a lifetime

• Found in our Ride Prep and Team Edition Tool Kits

• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Design Benefit to Rider and Mechanics
Function Durable 4-in-1 spoke tool and presta valve extender tool
Form Narrow and small size makes it ideal for carrying in your ride pack or seat bag
Ergonomics Small for portability, but big enough for in-hand comfort while working on wheels
Durability Hardened and precision CNC machined CrV tool steel built to last a lifetime


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 1 in


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