Silca: Hirobel FRAME CLAMP For Tandems… Need a good way to hold your Tandem bike on a stand?


I first was concerned about putting my Aero road bike and my TT bike on a stand. With no seat post options I was left with clamping on the frame. I did not like it but… I used it. I then stepped up to a Carbon Tandem. That really got me looking for a “better plan” I found the HIROBEL FRAME CLAMP. This clamp better distributes stresses and loads through the bicycle frame, offering superior stability while eliminating possible crushing or damage to thin-walled and shaped tubing. This is an AWESOME piece. We are offering this at a bit of a deal and with FREE Freight. They are in stock and ready to ship! *** As much as I like these they do not work that great with round jaws on your work stand.*** Please check the picture for what you want to have… I would rather tell you upfront about this than have you figure it out yourself. The jaws I have pictured work GREAT and are featured on the stands we carry. Contact us for details.


Available on backorder


Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2 × 1 in


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