CASSETTE PLIERS [Cassette Removal Tool] Part #17150


Feedback Sports Cassette Pliers are so user-friendly, removing your cassette to service bearings, clean your gears or replace a worn drivetrain is so quick you’ll never hesitate to tackle the task. These innovative, self-adjusting pliers confidently grab any cassette cog up to 26T, on any drivetrain from 1-12 speeds (including track cogs). The long-handled, ergonomic grips manage the most challenging cassette removal with precision and confidence. Cold-forged, hardened CrV tool steel arms put these Cassette Pliers in a category all their own. Perfect for learning bike maintenance, or for veteran mechanics. Available separate, or found in our Team Edition Tool Kit.


Precision, portability, innovation, and durability are words most often associated with Feedback Sports tools, and the Cassette Pliers are right at home in our home and travel tool selection.

These innovative Cassette Pliers are a must have for any bike tool kit. Speed up the process of cassette removal without sacrificing confidence and control with the self-adjusting clamping jaws. You’ll be so impressed with this tool you’ll never hesitate to get that cassette off for servicing hub bearings, degreasing a bike drivetrain, or replacing a worn chain and cassette. The durability, high-end finish and ergonomic handles make it the obvious choice of tool aficionados around the world.

The quality and convenience of the Cassette Pliers shows just how much we pay attention to the needs of both the beginner bike mechanic and professional tech. With a hardened CrV tool steel core and overmolded ergonomic grip, this bike repair tool is a must-have for any cyclist wanting to manage home bike maintenance or support a local cycling event.

• Secure, non-slip engagement

• Self-adjusting from 11T to 26T cogs

• Suitable for 1-12 speed Sram, Shimano and Campagnolo drivetrains

• Self-adjusting arms make cassette removal fast and easy

• Closure lock keeps tool closed and compact when not in use

• Cold-forged and hardened CRV tool steel arms prevent flex

• Overmolded file tread handles promote control and comfort during challenging work

• Found in the Team Edition Tool Kit

• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Design Benefit to Rider and Mechanics
Function Securely holds up to 26T cogs on 1-12 speed drivetrains locks closed when not in use
Form Hardened CrV tool steel, self-adjusting arms for speed and confidence
Ergonomics Overmolded ergonomic file tread grip promotes excellent comfort and control
Durability Forged and hardened CRV tool steel and durable nylon built to last a lifetime
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 1 × 4 in


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