What could be better than a beautiful bottom bracket tool? That’s right, combining it with a precision lockring tool for cassettes and disc brake rotors (12mm standard and 15mm oversize lockrings). Every home or professional mechanic wants to save space and weight in your garage bike shop or portable tool kit – making this 3-in-1 tool hard to pass up! Made from cast and hardened CrV tool steel, this tool is a one-time purchase, guaranteed. Available separate or in our Team Edition Tool Kit.


Precision, portability, innovation, and durability are words most often associated with Feedback Sports products, and the Bottom Bracket + Lockring Combo fits nicely in our collection.

We aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel with our Bottom Bracket + Lockring Combo tool, but we know you’ll appreciate the combination of 3 tools in 1. After all, nobody complains about carrying the weight of one tool, with the benefit of 3! With a forged and hardened CrV tool steel body and polished finish, this combination bottom bracket and lockring tool is truly a one-time purchase

• Cast, hardened and polished CrV tool steel meant for a lifetime

• Long-levered Shimano and Sram bottom bracket tool (16 notch, 44mm)

• Precision cassette lockring tool fits Shimano, Sram, SunRace, Chris King lockrings (and more – 12 spline,


• Fits 12mm Shimano and Sram internal spline centerlock disc brake lockrings

• Fits 15mm Shimano disc brake external spline lockring

• Oversized bore provides clearance for 12mm thru-axles and drive-side quick-release nuts

• Polished finish will look good for the life of the tool

• Found in our Team Edition Tool Kit

Design Benefit to Rider and Mechanics
Function 44mm, 16 notch bottom bracket tool, 12 spline cassette lockring tool, and disc brake rotor lockring tool
Form Hardened, forged and polished CrV tool steel will last a lifetime and always look good
Ergonomics Long arm provides a mechanical advantage for easily obtaining lockring preload
Durability Forged and hardened CrV tool steel built to last a lifetime


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 1 × 4 in


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